Double-Meat Palace, here I come

  • Jun. 8th, 2007 at 6:25 PM
jic: Daniel Jackson (SG1) firing weapon, caption "skill to do comes of doing" (Default)
Once upon a time, I did software quality assurance on scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beams.

After that, I used to do telephone customer service. Then I was assigned to WorkForce Management, where I did schedule adjustment. Then I got the most basic of training for actual scheduling, and as of approximately 1:00 today, I am the primary scheduler for a site of over 500 personnel.

My job ends on August 11. Just in time for VividCon.
At least that's already paid for.

So, if you should happen to know an appropriate position is open or opening for $13/hr or better, please let me know.

PS - BS Physics, SOU, 1998

ETA: PPS - Must be within 40 miles of Portland, Oregon. Prefer to be within 20 miles of Hillsboro, Oregon.