The Pirate Gathering

  • May. 30th, 2009 at 3:44 AM
jic: Captain Jack Sparrow, looking cheeky; caption "pirate!" (cheeky)
So, over Memorial Day weekend, Son1 and I went a-pirating with my kinsmen at the NorthShadow Inn. I had an absolutely fantastic time. I did not want to return to mundania at all.

[personal profile] rathany went with me for the first night and day. I was delighted to have her along, though it seems my air mattress had some kind of grudge against the two of us. It deflated almost entirely, leading to even more restlessness than usual on my part, which (along with the cold) caused me to be quite disruptive to poor Rath. After an exciting day that sadly did not include the evening fireshow, Rath adjourned home to sleep in her own, firm, flat, uninhabited, quiet bed.

There was lots of sunscreen, and boffering, and I sold some of my leftover Cookie Lee inventory -- so yay!

I may have learned most of the rules of Tablero (or Toblero, apparently), though drinking on my part was extremely conservative given I don't know how badly I react nor to what (the one and only time I've been drunk, I had three glasses of wine and had to crawl to the toilet to vomit because I couldn't walk). I also learned a few filthy drinking songs :)

For the second night, I almost managed two bedmates to stave off the chill, but at the last minute ended up with one, who was not unopposed to returning for the last night. The bed did not deflate with him.

Things to remember: tarps are our friends; indeed, yea verily, so is drinking enough water; and, it is better to have the night off after a trip than otherwise.