God is good to me

  • Mar. 27th, 2008 at 1:48 PM
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So, I had plenty of warning before Convergys shut down. Advance notice is good.

After Convergys shut down, I got unemployment, and thus could make ends meet.

When my unemployment ran out -- by which I mean, that very week -- I got a job.

The job was not a good fit, but God delayed my termination until Tuesday during spring break -- when my kids were gone, and all my dearest nearest friends were available.

One of these near and dear friends poked my hands until I clicked the right buttons to apply for a few jobs, one of which was through a temp agency.

Said temp agency called me that day.

I went to the temp agency this morning to complete paperwork, and I now have an assignment that starts tomorrow. How's that for timing?

thanks, y'all!

Keeping Vigil

  • Mar. 20th, 2008 at 9:48 PM
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When we think on the night in Gethsemane – when we ask ourselves, “What would I have done when Jesus was arrested” – it is easy to think, “I would not have abandoned him,” and “I would not have denied him,” and “I would have been with him to the end.”

I think we delude ourselves and salve our egos when we allow ourselves to believe this.

In this time and this place – North America, 2008 – institutionalized racism is a fading memory.  I am white in a predominantly white country.  I am female, born late enough that suffrage is considered my inherent right and taken for granted.  I was blessed with family who never once allowed me to believe there is anything beyond my reach.  I never heard the phrase “You can’t do that because you’re a girl” from anyone I respected.

I have not lived in a time or place where the codified legal system designated differing criminal penalties for a citizen than for a non-citizen.  I don’t deny that there are places where equality under the law is not upheld, but as a rule, this society prides itself on striving to an ideal of equity.  Individual bigots aside, our laws decree that sex, race, color, creed, nationality, et al., are not grounds for discrimination.  Our laws do not have mandatory sentences that differ based on citizenship.

Contrast Israel under the Roman jurisdiction.  )

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I have a very love-hate relationship with Christmas.

I love the Christmas meaning -- God becoming incarnate to save the world. I love the Christmas services and traditions, like the nativity scene and moving Joseph and Mary week by week closer to the stable until Christmas, then bringing baby Jesus and the angels out of hiding. I love Christmas carols. I love giving gifts.

I hate surprises. No, actually, I hate having an audience while I react to surprises. I never feel like I'm doing it "right," because my natural reaction to any surprise (even good ones) is to shut down and be impassive. This is not the thing gift-givers like to see, and so I feel like I'm putting on a show if I have to react in public.

I hate feeling poor, and I hate people deliberately missing the point )