Solemn and Somber

  • Apr. 8th, 2015 at 11:38 PM
jic: Chris Kirkpatrick looking down woefully (sad)
So. My dad died two weeks ago, on March 25. He was 79, and he had emphysema. He had hospice care, because we were pretty sure he was in his final six months.

Almost exactly seven hours prior, I had called and told him that I love him.

I'm doing fine, except when I'm not. My emotional responses are randomly inconsistent with reality -- usually one is sad about sad things and excited about exciting things, but today I had a chunk of time where I was sad about exciting things. It was very strange.

My mom was Dad's primary caregiver. She now lives alone in Coos Bay, about 250 miles from me and about 100 miles from the nearest close-kin. I'm keeping a guest room for her, and she said she may come to visit in a few weeks.

Since Dad's pension and social security have stopped, Mom's income has decreased by about 2/3. She's a little worried about making ends meet until the life insurance kicks in and her social security gets updated to Dad's amount (which was greater and which she gets instead of her own as his widow). My brothers and I are helping as we can, both financially and with labor.

This feels like my focus has kind of drifted. I wanted to tell Dad-Stories. I think maybe not just now, though. Maybe later.
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