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When I was five, I wanted to grow up to be just like Dad - not marry someone like him, be like him.

When I was 13, someone at an auction bumped into me and said, "Excuse me, son," and I was THRILLED.

I've never liked anything about my breasts, except when they actually performed a non-sexual function. I don’t like how they look or how they feel or the attention society gives them. I hate clothes that accentuate them.

"Woman" has never been on the list of top ten words I'd use to describe myself.

I had kids, but I have been DONE with my uterus for 17 years. I hate everything about it, and I chemically suppress its monthly reboot. I've always identified myself as "parent" rather than "mother" on all the kids' forms.

I prefer "sir" to "ma'am", and I'm disappointed when overseas colleagues switch from the former to the latter.

The first time I remember recognizing the face in the mirror was after I cut off all my hair.

However, since that is generally about hating identification as "female" but not about identifying as “male”, the dominant social narrative doesn't really have a script. I’m doing research and consulting professionals and charting my own course, but it is unlikely to end with me having a penis.

“Neutrois” is a great search term.

Thanks for asking.
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