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Teen Wolf - was loving it up until it turned into maybe not real.  Confused now. Need to rewatch season 3. Or all of it.

Captain America - So much squee! Loved Natasha especially.  Must read ALL the fanfic.

Agents of SHIELD - Nice job picking up what Cap laid down.  But FFS, too.

Grimm - FINALLY you answer my question!  "black's too weak a word - more like infinite darkness."  Also I love the reuniting spaghetti.

The Blacklist - omgomgomgomgomgomgomgHEARTomgomgomgomg

Once - I will catch up, I promise

Game of Thrones - *sigh* teenagers.  How much do I love Hound&Arya?  May be some competition for Tyrion as my favorite.
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